Federalism Revealed
Why are our Patriots Dying?
The Lust for Power
Constitutional Law for Police
What it really means to be Patriotic!
The RepubliCrats
The Matrix & Bush
Air Force Sex Scandal
Homland Security Federal Fiasco!
The Conspiracy!
The Tip of the IceBerg
What gives us the right to deny others?
Can not fight Terrorism with an Army!
Creating the perceived Enemy
Why Iraqis & others blame US for Saddam?
Iraqis deciding between Liberty & Security!
News Coverage on Iraq (US vs The World!)
The Cycle of Violence has no end
How To Seal Our Borders!
Us troops in Liberia?
Society is wrong about Prohibition
Gangs, Guns and Drugs
Exploding Woman's Prison Population
Federal Prosecutor Murdered!
The (unwinnable) Federal War on Terror & Support for Israel
10 Commandments in Court
Censor Children Not Adults
Censor Children Not Adults2!


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"Are You doing the Will of Evil?"


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