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The Tip of the IceBerg
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The Tip of the IceBerg
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The (unwinnable) Federal War on Terror & Support for Israel
10 Commandments in Court
Censor Children Not Adults
Censor Children Not Adults2!

Bureaucratic Red Tape & Incompetence are the symptoms of systematic CORRUPTION:

These career politicians must be loyal to their organizations, clicks & parties above the law (the Constitution) in order to remain a Team Player & not a potential Whistle Blower (a threat to the good old boys).

This Corruption leads to the promotion of individuals who are promoted based on their loyalty to the organization & not their job performance.  This leads to incompetent & corrupt individuals in positions of power.  The Good-Old-Boy System is to blame and these federal blunders are just the tip of the iceberg!

National Security is the last job that we can afford someone incompetent to be placed in!  Well, actually the last job that we can afford someone incompetent in is the Presidency!  Another good old boy promotion.
Bad intelligence can lead to unjust wars!

The moral of the story is that this wouldn't happen if people would remember that "A Patriot is Loyal to the Constitution! Not a Party or Career!" and hold their elected officials to the Constitution!