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10 Commandments in Court
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Our Founding Fathers, mostly good Christian men, found it absolutely necessary to separate Church & State (Religion & Government), for they had experienced first hand the tyranny & corruption of such a mixture.  So the Founding Fathers made it unconstitutional to mix Church & State when they formed this great nation.

Yes, they acknowledged God, which is clearly unfair to those who dont believe in a God or who believe in more than one, but at that time we were largely a Christian nation & not a melting pot like we are today!  And the Founding Fathers knew that the Republic was not perfect but felt that we would work toward a more perfect union & in time things would change for the better.

Every single part of the Constitution has a purpose!  The main purpose of the Constitution's Bill of Rights is to protect the people from the necessary evil called government.  If we disobey the Constitution, we open the door to bad things.  The obvious answer is not always the correct one.

For example, if the Christians demand that the 10 Commandments remain on display in the Court House; this may open the door to many other religions demanding equality!  That may mean that the slippery slope started by the 10 Commandments in the Court House may lead to Christian, Muslim, Jewish & eventually satanic symbols in the Court House!

If you do it for one - then you must do it for all!  Not to would simply be unfair & unconstitutional because the majority does not rule in this Republic!  The rights of the individual are protected against the tyranny of the majority in this Republic!

The slippery slope & the pendulum swing both ways.  Right now the pendulum in this country is swinging toward the Christian majority but in the future it will surely sing back the other way & the Christians may find that what comes around goes around!  Violate the Constitution in order to get your way forcing a mixture of Church & State & you may just end up having the same done to you violating your rights!

If you want to keep your religion as it is, it behooves you to keep it separate from State because government is a necessary evil & the career politicians will surely misuse your religion for their own personal agendas!  Plus, going down the slippery slope is planting seeds that you may one day harvest regretfully.

So, the moral of the story is, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  If you dont want others mixing their un-provable religious beliefs with OUR government then you must not mix yours with OUR government either.  You see, if it was YOUR government then we would have a theocracy & not a republic but if it is OUR government then WE must be fair & just to all & not discriminate.  Obeying the Constitution is the American & Patriotic thing to do.

And another thing, it is necessary to separate Church & State in order to prevent those sworn to uphold the Constitution (government officials) from letting their personal un-provable religious beliefs interfere in their legal decision making process.  In other words, the government officials could be motivated to make their decisions based on their personal beliefs & not based on the law (based on Commandment law & not Constitutional law). The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land & it is a violation of the politicians oath of office when they mix church & state.

Unfortunately, it seems that many of our government officials were elected by the Christian majority in order to mix Church & State & violate the Constitution!  I suppose that the majority is misinformed & think that they are doing a good thing but in reality they are doing the work of evil by violating the Constitution which protects us all from the government!  How can violating the rights of others be the right thing to do?

The State is wrong in mixing Church & State but the federal government & that bunch of career politicians routinely violate the Constitution so to me it is like the pot calling the kettle black!  The feds both tax us directly like a king with his armed tax collectors & they then use the money extorted from us to misuse our military defense to police the world enforcing their political agenda with military might leaving the homeland unprotected & vulnerable to attack!

The Republican Party even tried to overthrow the government when the Republican majority on the Supreme Court tried to stop the Election without any Constitutional authority!  They willingly & knowingly violated or conspired to violate the Constitution & are now known as the Felonious Five!  Just like that model Republican Nixon.  The Democrats are no better either.  Both parties are big government career politicians who are loyal to their parties above the Constitution & the People!

I also believe in God but I do not force my un-provable beliefs on anyone and I obey the Constitution because I believe that to be the right thing to do.  Besides, I also realize that injustices like discrimination & unequality motivate men to violence!

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