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Just yesterday (13Aug2003) a US helicopter in Iraq, in the middle of one of the most religious areas, tried to remove a religious symbol inciting a riot which resulted in US troops shooting into a crowd!  And right after that I saw footage of US troops conducting raids & looking a lot like they were enjoying themselves as witnessed by their excitement.

Now to much of the world US troops terrifying civilians & having fun looks evil but then there is the footage of a US soldier giving the DEVIL SIGN in which the hand is held fist closed with two fingers held up like horns.  Im sure this will play out well in the Middle-East as those who already call us devils now have proof!  Self admission is the strongest proof known to man & this looks like proof to much of the world.

And as far as the US appearance of respecting the Muslim Religion & bringing stability & democracy to Iraq, why in the hell would US troops attack the highest religious symbol in the area?  That flag (symbolizing their religion) was placed on the highest point for a reason & the US troops tried to take it down for a reason.  The only reason that I can see would be to start a riot!  Why else would you do something like attack a religious symbol?

Now innocent people are dead & we look more & more like the devil!  Soldiers are trained to kill them all & let God sort them out & SOLDIERS are NOT  POLICE!  It looks to me like the soldiers are now seeing the Iraqi people as the enemy & resentment has apparently built to a point where US troops & Iraqis see one another as the enemy!  Some returning from the war say that the enemy are just a small number of diehards & that the Iraqi people like them but I fear that this is reminiscent of Viet-Nam in which some were friends by day & VC by night!

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"A Patriot is Loyal to the Constitution! Not a Party or Career!"