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Us troops in Liberia?
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Didnt the founding fathers like George Washington & John Quincy Adams warn us that America should not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy or slay?

Did George Washington not say that America should have only temporary alliances & not get involved permanently with nations for fear of being dragged into foreign & often civil wars abroad? The only way that we will prevent repeating the mistakes of the past is to learn our own history so please read the articles below. A few good articles that I found on Google with the key words America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy




Why is the US the one who has to go into Liberia? Maybe it is because the US federal government undermined UN credibility & power by asking their permission & then going against the nations of the world to wage an illegal war in their neighborhood! Attacking foreign nations is a violation of international law & if we can do it then anyone can.

What an example for us to show the world. Injustice motivates men to violence terrorism & the people of the world see our injustices. We openly thumbed our nose or gave the finger - to the countries of the world & attacked a sovereign nation against their warnings daring them to do anything about it like a bully.

And by doing so, we proved the UN powerless. We cut the you know what off of the UN & now we are being called upon to be the worlds police. We undermined the police & now we have to be the police.

Well, this is a job for the UN & we should be strengthening them & not undermining the UN. Our brave men & women in the armed forces are neither policemen nor peace keepers. They should not be put in harms way unless there is an immediate clear & present danger to the US.

And first strikes are out of the question. If you strike you neighbor first, you are not defending one self but committing premeditated murder!

Slaying monsters abroad is a violation of international law & makes us international criminals! Attacking sovereign small & weak nations in open violation of international law has also proved to the world that weapons of mass destruction are the only way to detour the US! We proved this by not attacking a more serious threat called North Korea who dared us to attack & instead we attacked Iraq & settled the presidents fathers old score.

We lynched or tried to lynch the leader of Iraq & inadvertently fueled the worlds desire to acquire weapons of mass destruction for deterrence against the imperialist US.

Imperialist because we occupy over the globe, have a first strike policy, a nuclear contingency plan to attack countries who may interfere with us operating abroad, openly violate international law, & tress pass abroad at will. The solution to other countries being able to detour the US from trespassing & getting involved in their business? WOM of course!

Lets stay at home & take care of our own! Defend the Nation not Police the world making enemies abroad! Lets stay out of civil wars & we certainly dont need allies like Israel with her eternal wars. Read what George Washington said about such allies.

The cycle of violence has no end, the un-winnable federal war on terror has no end & is bankrupting the States as well!

Solution: How do we stay at home & guard our borders with out making enemies abroad when entire political careers are dependent upon the federal war on drugs & the federal war on terror?

Vote 3rd Party & put them out of a job because these career politicians are corrupt beyond repair. They are not loyal to the Constitution but to their Party & Careers! The State & Federal Career Politicians both willingly & knowingly allow the other to violate the Constitution. Travis Patriot A Patriot is Loyal to the Constitution! Not a Party or Career!