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Prohibition employs violent criminals who do far more damage to society than the prohibited item itself.  The century-old, failed federal and state prohibition of drugs has taken nearly a century to produce the level of organized crime that existed after only just over a decade of alcohol prohibition.


Alcohol prohibition took the legal alcohol out of the liquor stores and the demand for it then resulted in an immediate and powerful black-market run by organized criminals.  Alcohol prohibition turned violent 2-bit thugs like Al Capone into ruthless and POWERFUL organized criminal MILLIONAIRES!  Money is POWER!




The powerful organized criminals then ran their towns by bribing some and killing others.


The government officials had only 2 choices:

  1. Accept the bribes and live a fancy life or
  2. Die from lead poisoning.


In Central and South America today, we have entire countries in chaos due to the powerful drug cartels employed and empowered by US drug prohibition.  Government officials are told that they can either choose Plata or Plomo and that means Silver or Lead.  Bribes or Lead Poisoning from multiple gun shots!


Some entire Law Enforcement agencies there are bought and paid for by the lucrative drug profits resulting from prohibition.  Drug Laws subvert democracy in these countries and now drug prohibition is fueling terrorism!


Back here in the US, in nearly every major city in the US, law enforcement officers have been found to have been corrupted by drug profits and now our prosecutors are dying as well!  How many parallels do we need to see prohibition for what it is?


Drugs are not a crime unless the user violates the rights of someone!  Addiction at best is a medical problem and it is not the governments job to protect us from ourselves!  It also shows the injustice when Rush Limbaugh confessed to being part of a felony conspiracy to purchase illegal drugs and hasn't seen a day in jail when any ordinary citizen would have been imprisoned IMMEDIATLY!



All we have to do to put these powerful cartels and terrorists out of the profitable drug business is to put drugs back in the drugs stores!  Here in the United States we can lower crime by 70% by simply putting drugs back in the drug stores since 70% of crime is drug prohibition related.  (Thats 7 out of every 10 crimes!)


You may not think that drugs should be legal but which is worse, Drug addiction or employing violent criminals and terrorists through prohibition?


We have locked up people (our fellow Americans) for drugs and denied them their rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness because of simple drug possession.  They had their rights violated but they had not violated the rights of anyone else!  That defeats the very purpose of the US Constitution (The Supreme Law of this Land).  The purpose of the Constitution is spelled out in Constitutional law for Police and it states and I quote The constitutions of the original thirteen states were written during a period in history when the people were keenly aware of their rights and of the possibility that a strong government might deprive them of these rights.  The Constitution of the United States, which was written only a few years after the Declaration of Independence, was framed by men who had lived during a period of strict control and later during a period of too little control.  As a result it was the intention of these dedicated men that the new government established under the United States Constitution protect both the rights of the individual and the rights of society.  PREFACE 1 277 US 438 (1928). 


Drug laws protect neither the rights of the individual nor society by employing criminals and terrorists!  These laws actually prevent domestic tranquility and subvert law enforcement and democracy!  These laws criminalize citizens who have not violated the rights of anyone.  These laws unnecessarily endanger the community, for example, when police charge into schools with guns dawn and pointed!  No ones rights were endangered until the police showed up!  The children were VICTIMIZED by the police all to scare off the illegal drugs that ravage our schools because they are not in the drug stores!


As a direct result of prohibition, we have turned the land of the free into the land of the imprisoned because we have more of our citizens incarcerated than Russia and China.  We have overcrowded our courts, jails and prisons resulting in over crowding and often the release of VIOLENT OFFENDERS who actually endanger the public!


We have over burdened our prosecutors and public defenders with drug laws and as a result it is impossible to get a fair trial unless you have money in this country.


We have tied up law enforcement unnecessarily because 7 out of every 10 crimes (70%) could be prevented by putting drugs back in the drug stores.


Moreover, the poor and the youth have been victimized the most by prohibition because the poor areas are the new distribution market or Drug Stores since the poor are desperate enough to stand and sell on the street corner in the open air drug market.  The buyers drive through and the police see the transactions and have to go into the poor areas to shut down these operations.


This puts the police at odds with the poor community and most of those arrested are the youth of that community.  It is no wonder so many Black and Hispanic youth are gangsters when they are criminalized from an early age by prohibition and have no other choice!  You cant even get a job once branded a felon.  Not a legal job anyway. See http://www.cafeshops.com/TheSystem


Money makes the world go around - motivating people to do things - and prohibition makes drugs worth their weight in GOLD!  The poor and the youth have full access to the gold mine and they end up imprisoned as a result.  Do the Math for your self and see why the drug trade is thriving after a century of prohibition and billions of US TAX dollars!  http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/drugs/special/math.html


Meanwhile, the wealthy deal their drugs behind closed doors and out of the sight and reach of the police!  Many of the law enforcement community then want the Constitution to take a back seat to the whims of law enforcement and that shows that they are willing to disobey their oath to the Constitution in order to have a prosperous and successful career!


Furthermore, not only are the police easily corrupted due to drug prohibition profits but they are also forced to commit felonies when they defeat the very purpose of the Constitution by violating the rights of those who have not violated the rights of anyone else.  Not enforcing drugs laws is a lesser crime and a defense it seems!


Visit my web site and see drugs when they were in the drug stores (Legal and Regulated), out of the hands of criminals, terrorists and our youth who can get drugs easier today than alcohol. You can also find links to law enforcement agencies and even religious organizations who oppose drug prohibition.  http://www.cafeshops.com/DrugProhibition


And PLEASE read Drug Crazy http://www.DrugCrazy.com

Or read Americas Longest War in your public library.  It is our duty as Americans!



I said that the prosecutors murder is likely drug prohibition related, even though I have not seen the evidence, because 70% of crimes are drug prohibition related - so there is a 70% chance that this crime is drug prohibition related!


Search these pages for the number 70 (70%) using find, which is located under edit, likely at the top of you screen and you will find that they all confirm that over 70% of crime in their area is drug related (prohibition).










Who profits from drugs? (MOTIVES for continuing the un-winnable war on drug users)

This is also the motive for covering up any negative effects of prohibition.



History of Drugs:



Written: 06Dec2003