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A Right-Wing Conspiracy?  You might ask.
Yes there is a right wing conspiracy to violate the supreme law of the land!
But not just a Right-Wing Conspiracy!  A Left-Wing Conspiracy to violate the Constitution exists as well!

Both of the parties of career politicians are loyal to their careers, which are dependent upon their party, & not the Constitution to which they are sworn to uphold!  They both conspire to violate the Constitution!

Weather it is the States career politicians conspiring to look the other way as the federal career politicians violate the Constitution by trespassing in States Rights issues.  Or whether it is the Federal Career Politicians or Federalists who conspire to violate the constitution as they conspire to look the other way as the States Career Politicians violate the Constitutional rights of minorities with sodomy laws, no alcohol on Sunday, and many other clearly unconstitutional Blue Laws!  I dont know if segregation was considered a Blue Law or not but that went on for decades in the south until the feds took action.  In some places, segregation still exists today.

The Career Politicians are almost all lawyers (familiar with the Supreme Law of the Land) The Constitution & they willfully & knowingly violate the Constitution if their party requires it!  For example, the 2000 election.  The Republican majority on the Supreme Court conspired to violate the Constitution by interfering in the Presidential vote count without any Constitutional authority!  Thats the job of the Congress according to the Constitution!  All hundreds of members & not just a few Supreme Judges who think that they are above the law of the land!  Supreme Felons or the felonious five!

The common enemy of these 2 parties, the thing that both limits their power & threatens them by tying their hands, is the Constitution & together they share power & take turns violating the Supreme law of the Land.  The Constitution protects us the People from them the government! & when they violate it they become felons.  Felons in charge!