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News Coverage on Iraq (US vs The World!)
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-American News
"Did we kill Sadam & his sons? Yee Ha! We may have!"

AMERICA'S CONCLUSION: "We did the right thing! There is less evil in the world now! We have reigned it in!"

-The rest of the World's News
"Did innocent people get killed?"

THE WORLD'S CONCLUSION: "The Americans may have killed innocent men, women & children in their illegal, immoral & unjust lust for vengeance! They are EVIL out of control!"

The innocent people being bombed think:
"When is it right for you to endanger & kill innocent people in order to make yourself safer?"

Self Defense is attacking the attacker during the attack & not before the attack.  For example, if you see your neighbor as an immediate threat & you attack first - this is not self defense but premeditated murder! Endangering & killing the innocent for any reason is  TERRORISM!

Ponder this: If someone attacked your town in order to get revenge rather than solving the problem in a court of law & they accidentally killed your family in the act, wouldn't you consider them criminal terrorists & not a nation of laws?

Please see this image for yourself in order to get a better understanding.  The image speaks for itself! http://www.cafeshops.com/newscoverage