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The exploding Womens Prison Population is a Negative Effect of Prohibition


Fox News did a special on the Womans Prison population (21Sept2003) and how it is the fastest growing segment of the population.  They reported how mandatory minimums have resulted in more women going to prison due to the hands of judges being tied by the mandatory minimums.


They forgot to mention however that over half of the woman in prison are in for drug related offenses and that they wouldnt be there if drugs were in the drug stores (legal and regulated like alcohol) rather than in the streets employing criminals (like alcohol did).


They also failed to mention that the mandatory minimums are the result of drug prohibition.  Drug possessors do more time than violent criminals!  Drug possessors do time while the violent (real threats to society) get shorter sentences and even get out (back on the streets endangering society) due to over crowding due to prohibition!


Consider this; the job of the government is to preserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by protecting our rights (obeying the Constitution which protects us from them).  In the drug war, many drug possessors violate the rights of no one yet the government does violate their rights when imprisoning them for not violating anyones rights what so ever!  Victimless Crime?  How can it be a crime when there is no victim?


Desperate people do desperate things and drug prohibition (a government law) makes drugs illegal and worth their weight in gold just as alcohol prohibition did alcohol!  The open air drug black markets are in the poor areas because the people there are desperate enough to stand on the corner while the big dealers are safe in the wealthy neighborhoods!


This is one reason why some law enforcement officers say that civil liberties must take a back seat to the drug war!  That means that they are saying that their loyalty to the Constitution has taken a back seat to the government (their careers).  These law enforcement officers have decided that they are loyal to their jobs and not to protecting the rights of the people.  They are traitors and felons when they violate or even conspire to violate the Constitution, in my opinion.


The bottom line is that the womans prison population is the direct result of a century old, failed government law called prohibition!  A federal power that is not granted by the Constitution and since the federal government is limited to those powers specifically defined in the Constitution, it is unconstitutional (unlawful).  See the 10th Amendment and read the Lust for Power in Federalism Revealed for free!


Moreover, those sworn to uphold the Constitution are committing a felony when they conspire to violate the Constitution in any way including the unlawful (unwarranted) search of property for drugs.  Aiding the government in inforcing laws that violate the rights of the people when those people are not violating the rights of anyone is a crime.


Thank you.

Travis Patriot