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The right to bear arms is necessary in order to form a well 
regulated militia. The citizens of a militia must first have their 
weapons before they can come together to form a militia.
The right to bear arms is not for hunting; rather it is for a 
free people to protect themselves from a tyrannical government. 
Thomas Jefferson said (paraphrase)that a free people should be an armed people, government is a necessary evil, and it is only the natural order of things for government to get bigger and liberties to shrink.


Gun violence?" That implies that guns are 
violent as if they go out and commit gun crimes. I believe the term 
should be "gun related violence" because people, not guns, for one 
reasons or another, have motives which motivate them to use guns as 
problem solving tools. If guns did not exist - another tool would be 
used. If we could "magically" get rid of all of the guns - people would 
probably run over one another with automobiles. Would we then call 
it "automobile violence" and outlaw automobiles? No, of course not! 
We should look at what motivates people to kill each other with guns 
and other tools as well.

Some experts say that the lucrative price of drugs results in 
enormous drug profits which motivate users to commit crimes, often 
using guns, in order to get money for drugs. These drug profits also 
motivate drug dealers to kill one another over drug sales territories 
or "turf" and other drug related business disputes as well.

Legal business disputes are settled in courts of law and illegal business disputes are settled with guns, tools of the trade. These enormous drug profits also result in the bribing and corrupting of government officials in the USA and countries around the world like Colombia and Russia. These enormous profits lure law enforcement officials into illegal acts, corrupting them as well.

The Destabilization of governments 
like Russia, which has weapons of mass destruction, could result in 
these weapons being sold to terrorists who could use the existing 
drug pipelines to smuggle the weapons into the USA. This facilitation 
of terrorism is a serious threat to national security.

If it is the lucrative drug profits that motivate these crimes and 
threatens national security then maybe, we should eliminate that 
which causes the lucrative profits? After all, drugs like marijuana 
(cannabis) for example, do not sprout out of the ground worth 
thousands of dollars. Drugs like Cannabis, Opium, and many others 
have existed through out history and never (as far as I know) have 
drugs, other than alcohol, been so profitable and motivated such 

So what causes drugs to be so profitable? Well, lets look at alcohol 
for example. Many of us like to have a beer after work. If a beer 
drinker (consumer/user), who was physically and physiologically 
addicted to alcohol, couldn't go to the store to buy his or her beer 
because the stores were all closed due to prohibition, then he or she 
would most likely search for another source. And, if another person 
said that he or she could get beer for the consumer, the consumer 
would have to pay that person (the dealer) for his or her time and 
labor as well as the beer itself. This would inflate the price of 
beer. If the dealer was risking imprisonment due to a federal 
prohibition of alcohol, then the act would have to be worth the risk 
so he or she would charge more, further inflating the price.

Most average citizens would not think of dealing a prohibited 
substance but everyone has their price. Desperate people in desperate 
situations, like those in poor neighborhoods, projects, and Indian 
reservations across the nation, are especially vulnerable to 
temptation. Survival and feeding one's family is worth the risk 
regardless of the consequences. The risk of imprisonment would run up 
the price of beer enormously, if prohibited. Since the stores would 
be closed, the supply would be limited while the demand for beer 
would still exist and in some instances continue to grow, further 
driving the prices upward. Desperate, addicted users would offer even 
higher prices for beer effectively bidding on the limited supply. The 
demand for beer would exceed the supply.

When the Demand exceeds the Supply, inflation occurs. Prices go up 
even higher. Illegal shipments would be confiscated by the 
government, further limiting the supply, driving up the prices 
further and further each and every time the seizures occur, until the 
lucrative beer profits to be made result in other illegal (black-
market) sources. When several sources are available (supply meets 
demand), competition occurs and prices come down. Simple economics, 
don't you think? Prohibition inflates prices resulting in lucrative 
profits for those who illegally supply the demand. A black market or 
illegal market can not exist without prohibition. Someone might say 
that it is prohibition that employs organized criminals since the 
lucrative drug money that pays and finances the organized criminals, 
is a direct result of prohibition.  And now days, we can add terrorists to the employees of prohibition.

Although alcohol and tobacco both attribute to or result in thousands 
of death each year, a prohibition on these physically and 
physiologically addictive substances likely will not occur for several 
reasons. One reason is that Alcohol prohibition of the early 1900s 
taught us some valuable lessons. One lesson in particular is that 
limiting the supply using prohibition while the demand still exists, 
causes the demand to exceed the supply. This creates inflated prices, 
which results in an illegal "black market" which employs violent criminals! 

The alcohol prohibition black market of the early 1900s was run by 
organized criminal gangs or "gangsters". These gangsters used 
violence to settle their business disputes and collect the lucrative 
profits. The more money and resources that we put into limiting the 
Supply of alcohol, the more we fueled the black market and the 
gangsters by creating price inflation which resulted in higher 
profits. These gangsters destabilized our government by bribing, 
black mailing, and threatening to kill government officials. Gang 
wars with automatic weapons filled the streets and nation with 
violence. Another reason, many argue, is that the tobacco and alcohol 
industries are too powerful to be stopped because they lobby Congress 
with contributions.  Our career politicians are bought and paid for.  They are loyal to their party (their career) above the Constitution.  They make their decisions based on what is good for their career & not what is good for America.

One serious "gun & prohibition related" preventable problem is access to guns by children. Many ordinary citizens across the nation fear for the safety of themselves and their families, largely due to drug related crime, like home invasions, burglaries, theft, etc., so they buy and keep guns in their homes. It is estimated that 70% of Crime is Drug (prohibition) related! (7 out of 10 crimes are preventable) In the case of a home invasion, the perpetrators usually have guns and home owners know that they will not have time to get their guns out of a gun safe or get the trigger lock off, so they keep guns easily accessible, which often results in access to guns by children. 

Also, drug dealers, protecting their lucrative drug property and 
themselves from those who would take their drugs, keep guns 
accessible, which also results in access to guns by children. Just 
recently, a six year old boy gained access to a gun in a crack house, 
took it to school, and shot a six year old girl. A crack house and 
organized criminals employed and funded by profits resulting from 
prohibition it's self.

Some children gain access to guns through the drug black market. Once 
established the black market and organized criminals diversify into 
other illegal businesses, like weapons smuggling and sales. The 
existence of the black market and its sales of weapons make it 
possible for convicted felons to access guns as well. Licensing, 
registration, and eventually confiscation of the guns of law-abiding 
citizens will not affect the criminals who will not license, register 
or turn in their guns. 

Gun control has not worked in England or Australia. The citizens were 
disarmed and now only the criminals have guns. Statistics have proven 
that in towns where citizens are permitted to carry concealed 
weapons, crime goes down.

I'll bet that gun control activists will 
not put a sign on their front door of their house which reads "This 
is a Gun-Free home", because criminals would be more likely to invade 
a home which is gun-free. Guns are deterrents to crime.

As long as the prohibition black market is in existence and being fueled by the war on drugs, supplying guns to anyone with $money$, (felons and children alike) gun control will not take guns out of the hands of criminals or children! And as long as organized criminal gangs and addicts are sealing and robbing there will be thefts of guns from law-abiding citizens. 

One of the Million Mom March advocates for gun control announced that 
gun control will stop violent crime by keeping guns out of the hands 
of criminals, children, and those who have a mental imbalance. 
Licensing and registration will not effect criminals or children who 
buy guns on the black market or steal licensed and registered guns 
from the law abiding.

I do believe that there are compromises that 
can be made on both sides in order to reduce violent "gun related" 
crime but putting drugs back in the drug stores will reduce crime (violent drug prohibition gun related crime) by 70%!!!!!

One way may be reducing the number or cheap or "Junk guns" being manufactured as a result of Prohibition causing the demand (eliminate prohibition & eliminate the demand)

(Demand/Motivation = criminals employed by prohibition and in need of a cheap gun "tool" to protect their lucrative drugs, profits, and themselves from rivals). 

-Gun buy-back programs will get rid of unwanted or unused guns so that 
there is less threat of a child finding a long forgotten gun but 
unfortunately use tax dollars to buy old unwanted guns from dealers. 

-Gunlocks on all new and used gun sales will help, but remember people won't use them if they are in danger due to drug prohibition crime.
-Gun locks available "free of charge" to the public for those who 
already possess guns might help but cost tax dollars.
-The Education of "all" citizens on gun safety staring early in child 
development to teach young children to stay away from guns and to 
notify an adult immediately should they encounter a gun will help.

Also, High school students, as young adults, could be taught gun safety so that all citizens are educated. Education is prevention! Ignorance is deadly!
-A three minute instant back ground check prior to gun purchases would 
prevent felons from buying guns legally, and would not put gun shows, 
which are usually 2 day events, out of business. Nor would this 
prevent you from purchasing a gun if your life were in danger. The 
police aren't going to hang around and protect you. They can't be 
everywhere. However, the second amendment of the Constitution says 
that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed! And this would be 
an infringement. Many argue that the smallest infringement is the 
beginning of the slippery slope leading to loss of our second 
amendment right to bear arms. 

One other deterrent that would, if enforced, reduce crime is to 
prosecute those felons who attempt to purchase guns using the laws 
that already exist! 

Last but not least, end drug prohibition there by eliminating both 
drug crime, which usually involves guns as tools of the trade, and 
access to guns through the prohibition black market. We have been 
waging a war not on drugs, but drug using "citizens" for over 30 
years, and the problem has grown to epidemic proportions (over one century 100 years of prohibition!)

Eliminating Prohibition would eliminate the lucrative profits that motivate the drug-related crimes that cause people to arm themselves & would protect our nation by stopping the employment & funding of terrorists & drug cartels who corrupt & destabilize entire democracies. 

Before the Harrison Act of 1914, the beginning of drug prohibition, there was a small drug problem. Nearly one century later, we don't have drug problems, we have wide spread epidemics to include snortable heroine (dont have to inject), cocaine, crack, meth-amphetamine, and now new drugs like ecstasy, and Many, Many, more!  Designer drugs are all the rage, fetching high profits & imitations as well. 

Imitation or fake ecstasy for example, pills sold as ecstasy because of the lucrative profit that can be made, are resulting in deaths. Black markets are unregulated and uncontrolled and do more damage than drugs ever would if legalized and regulated like tobacco and alcohol.

We don't see gangs fighting over alcohol or tobacco but we would if they were prohibited. Also, there have always been loaded guns in homes but children have never been so violent that they would take and use the guns. Is it just a coincidence that only a few decades ago, before 
the War on Drugs introduced violence into our society, school 
shootings did not happen? Other than during alcohol prohibition gang 
violence did not exist for the most part. And now, gangs are 
everywhere! Violent environments produce violent children. 

Prohibition employs violent criminals who often use guns as tools of the trade.  Prohibition employs criminals who put drugs directly into the hands of our children & thats why I have a poster that says The Kids have all the best drugs thanks to Prohibition!  They do!  They can get anything but alcohol unless they know someone of age since alcohol is in the liquor stores!  It was the same when I was in school a decade & a half ago.

The career politicians always say that they can do the job of eradicating the hemp plant globally (which grows every where naturally) but after a century of failure people are beginning to see the light at the end of the prohibition tunnel is a mirage!  The career politicians are doing what is right for their careers & not what is right for America.  They know that they can solve this problem but they need your money to fund their agendas & careers.

They are not loyal to the Constitution but to their party.

It is time to put the drugs back in the drugs stores & out of the hands of criminals, children & terrorists!  Legalize all drugs & let adults decide whether to use drugs or not.  Let the free market solve this problem because the free market will beat the rule of law every time anyway!  Supply will meet demand! - Just look at Prisons.  They can't even keep drugs out of prison! Supply will meet demand! Just look at Prisons!  They cant even keep drugs out of our prisons but some think that turning our Nation into a giant federal prison will bring them security.  Jefferson & Franklin both agreed that an people who trade their liberties for security - deserve NEITHER!

There is no security in a federal prison!  Supply & demand rule in this materialistic society & prohibiting drugs only makes them more evil & harmful!  Prohibition funds terrorism & attacks against the United States & the federalist incharge are leading our great nation to hell.

Please read the Lust for Power "The Fears of the Anti-Federalists have become reality!"

Thank you.
Travis Patriot
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Here's a simple quiz for those who blame drug users for funding terrorism rather than prohibition:

Question: Did Alcohol or Alcohol Prohibition fund the terrorism of Al Capone?

If you say alcohol then why does alcohol not fund terrorism today?

Answer, because it is in the liquor stores & out of the hands of organized crime & terrorists.

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