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Censor Children Not Adults
Censor Children Not Adults2!

Referring to my earlier article about censoring adults, (http://patriotstudios.tripod.com/debatepolitics/id1.html), some criticized me accordingly for naming a problem but not giving a solution.  And so Ive considered the problem.

I thought to myself, although I dont have any children, the obvious answer is to censor the children & not the adults.  How do you do this?  Well, how about protective software on a few computers set aside for children?  And if it violates their Constitutional Rights then simply amend the Constitution to apply only to adults!

But then I found myself questioning my willingness to take the Constitutional Rights away from children!  How can I as a Patriotic American, possibly think of taking the rights away from a fellow American?  I felt like a dirty traitor & enemy of the Constitution which protects us all from others.  The Majority does not rule in this Republic.  The rights of the minority outweigh the will of the majority.  And the obvious answer is not always the correct one I thought.

And so I thought to myself, What knowledge or information can be so bad that we have to protect children from it?  Porn immediately came to mind.  Then I thought, Is the act of children seeing sex so bad that it out-weights the evil of taking away their rights in order to protect them?

I thought, God made our bodies without clothes & he made us fit together a certain way in order to not only reproduce but to have a healthy sex life as well even without reproduction.  Isnt sex important for a healthy life?  Of course some will say no but I bet they dont enjoy the same pleasures that I do!

And then I thought, Bomb making material!  But that is a criminal matter & any child disposed to such behavior isnt bent on destruction because of access to information but due to something very bad instead.

So, I dont know.  I dont have any children but I had 19, 20, & 21 year-old kids in the Army as a Sergeant & if one of them got out of my sight & got in trouble it was my fault & I paid the price for not supervising my men.  So, I dont know what to tell you but to analyze the problem & address the root cause.

The problem seems to be either incompetent parents, a socialized society that relies on government for all its answers, or both parents have to work so they dont have time to supervise their kids.

A. Incompetent parents: Solution- Do your job.  When you had kids, you traded your liberty to roam for the security of a family so suck it up & do your J- O- B!

B. A Socialized Society that relies on government for all of its answers:  I understand how you think.  You think like a man that has been imprisoned for all his life & then gets parole.  He gets out & has to survive & solve his own problems & that is just too much for him so he gets in trouble so that he can go back to is secure environment.  Well, you are a socialist at heart but our America wasnt founded in Socialism but freedom.  The freedom to fail as well as to succeed immensely.  Government doesnt have the answers. Their answer is more money & more government (which means less freedom for us all).  Government is a necessary evil as Thomas Jefferson said & to blindly trust it to do the right thing is to make a deal with the Devil.

C. Both Parents have to work in order to support the family so they arent able to supervise their kids:  That problem is a new problem because not so long ago, one parent went to work & the other stayed home & raised the kids.  Today, a family pays about half of its income to taxes & therefore it takes parents working to support the family & the big fat dependent that only keeps getting bigger but solves little if anything (big-government).  http://www.cafeshops.com/travispatriot

The first half of our nations existence, there was no IRS or federal income tax!  http://www.cafeshops.com/irstyranny
Solution: Reduce government - not grow it!

Now, I know that this doesnt help in the short while because there are so many incompetent, ignorant or lazy parents who drop their kids off at the public library like it is a play ground & the kids do what kids do.  But to take away their rights in order to keep them innocent does far worse damage Im afraid.

Censorship prevents knowledge & I think that kids would not be as vulnerable to sex & drugs if they were educated & not kept blissfully ignorant.  After all, public school is filled with sex & drugs or at least the access to them so educate your children & raise good human beings rather than trying to censor society.  Sending blissfully ignorant children to public schools is like sending Daniel to the Lions den with no weapons.  "Run along Daniel, youll be fine. Just say "NO" to the Lions."

In Society: Adults are going to do adult things & society IS AN ADULT place with things that free nations have.  You may just be doing more harm than good in the long run with your solutions if you empower government to limit anyones rights. 

My Solution: Censor your children yourself & keep the government as far out of your lives as you can if you care about your children & America.

Read the entire article for yourself with functioning links by clicking the site link for this article or copy & paste this address: http://patriotstudios.tripod.com/debatepolitics/id7.html

Travis Patriot
A Patriot is Loyal to the Constitution! Not a Party or Career!