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The Career Military has a good old boy culture that covers up for abuses of authority just as the blue wall of silence does in law enforcement.  Those in charge protect each other & maintain their loyalty to their organization above all else including the Supreme law of the Land, the US Constitution.  This enables & affords the opportunity for crimes to occur & go unpunished as long as they are kept secret.  Just the way the Air Force officials tried to sweep this under the rug for a long time until management was relieved & replaced.

The Bill of Rights protects the rights of individuals from the government & when an official, sworn to uphold the Constitution, conspires to cover up or protect the guilty in order to protect the reputation of the organization or fellow officials, this is to willfully & knowingly violate the Constitution & is a felony!

If you are a cop or any government official who has sworn to uphold the Constitution & you look the other way or remain silent when you know or have reason to believe that a fellow government official is violating the Constitution, YOU ARE A FELON! 

You are a criminal!  You are conspiring to violate the Constitution & you are a traitor to this country & its Constitution!

The career military & other career government organizations are systematically corrupt because careerists, career military in this case, are loyal to their organization (their careers) above the law.  They make their decisions based on what is right for their careers & not what is right for the country, which is to obey the Constitution!   This corruption is the result of career government.  Big Government run amuck.

Dont get me wrong, I am not anti-government.  But I am against big government.  As Thomas Jefferson & Ben Franklin both said, Government is a necessary evil.  They also agreed that it is only the natural order of things for government to grow & liberties to shrink (paraphrase).

Knowing this we must realize that government must be limited or it will grow & our liberties will shrink.  Government has been allowed to grow by the formation of career positions in government & now this necessary evil is huge, unregulated & secret!  Limit government or government will limit you!  And dont trust evil to do the right thing!  Government is a necessary EVIL & absolute power corrupts absolutely so it is our duty as Americans to watch, question, criticize, & limit this necessary evil called government.

The simple solution to this problem is to get rid of this culture of careerism & corruption in government of all kinds by ending all career government positions & return to average citizens serving their country & then getting out before being corrupted by the power & influence.

The same goes for the career military.  This may give us a military of loyalists to the Constitution & not career military politicians loyal to the corrupt good old boy system or hierarchy in power.
This system of career corruption is largely perpetuated by the fact that those in charge (positions of power) make the career decisions for all others.  Once a leader is promoted based on who he knows rather than how well he does his job (job performance), that leader will only promote those loyal to him & certainly not the proficient but un-loyal hot shots that may question his authority or blow the whistle one day!

Yes, the extremely proficient fly by the seat of their pants hot-dog loyalists to the Constitution, like the FBI Agent who embarrassed the FBI when she said that there were questionable foreigners taking flying lessons, are seen as a liability to those in charge.  The female FBI agent in question was relieved for embarrassing the agency but in truth it was her not being loyal to the agency that is the real reason for her firing.

These hot shots (proficient at their jobs) are the best people for the job of protecting this Nation but they are not promoted.  Rather they are seen as potential threats to the old boys in charge as a potential Whistle Blower!  The old saying in the Army was that the incompetent move up while the competent move out!  Now I understand what they were talking about.  The culture of systematic career government corruption is to blame.

So if we want our young women to be safe in the military & if we want a competent military to protect us, then we need to change the culture of career government corruption or sex scandals like tail hook for example, will repeat themselves over & over again.