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Drug Prohibition (Un-Winnable federal War on Drugs)
The obvious answer is not always the correct one.  (Approx. 70% of crime is drug related Prohibition related in reality)
(2 million Americans incarcerated more than Russia & China)

Since the beginning of civilization, humans have found a need to alter their states of consciousness.  Humans have used many different things but these things always become more of a problem to society when governments try to prohibit them in an attempt to control the actions of consenting adults!

The urge or need for adults to alter their states of consciousness or get HIGH is evident in human beings.  Some alter their states of consciousness with drugs, alcohol, meditation & even religion!  Religious fanatics for example, are blinded by religion from seeing & hearing Logic, Reasoning & Common Sense arguments because they are high on religion.

They are intoxicated by their beliefs & can not be reasoned with because they have faith.  Faith or Blind obedience to an un-provable theory is a dangerous thing however, when the un-provable beliefs are forced on others as with the case of legislating morality & religious motivated terrorism by the true believers.

Americans who think that their bodies are the property of the government should have little or no problem with drug prohibition but those Americans who understand the Constitution & KNOW that their bodies are private property & NOT government property should have serious problems with drug prohibition!

The KIDS have all the BEST DRUGS
thanks to PROHIBITION!

Prohibition results in a black market that employs criminals, who put drugs into the hands of our children, creating younger & younger addicts fueling the drug problem!

Put drugs back in the DRUG STORES & out of the hands of CRIMINALS & CHILDREN! T-Shirt available at the link below.
Link: http://www.cafeshops.com/drugprohibition

And last but not least, drug prohibition employs criminals who end up turning our young women into prostitutes!  Dont believe me?  Just go to Google.com & search for porn, sex, etc.  You will see MANY young women with all sorts of men to include your local drug dealer employed & empowered by prohibition!

Many of these 2 bit thugs would not even have the money for a disposable camera but with drug prohibition at hand, these 2 bit thugs are transformed into rich, violent & powerful gangsters!

They use the lucrative drug profits resulting from prohibition to buy these video cameras!  They often lure the young women into porn with drugs that the women are addicted to!  Drugs are not evil.  They were put here by God but playing God has resulted in drugs becoming powerful with a flourishing black market employing & empowering such criminals!

Prohibition makes drugs worth their weight in GOLD!  And in this country, in our materialistic society, the golden rule applies.  He who has the gold makes all the rules!

Solution: Put drugs back into the drug stores & out of the hands of criminals!


If it was alcohol, then why does alcohol not finance terrorism today?

Answer: Because, alcohol is in the liquor stores where it belongs in a legal & regulated market & not employing CRIMINALS through prohibition!
T-Shirt available at the link below.
Link: http://www.cafeshops.com/drugprohibition

So, by electing religious professing career politicians, who support drug prohibition or simply by letting them legislate morality running all over the Constitution, we have unwittingly employed criminals & turned out daughters into prostitutes!

All this has occurred because we played God & violated the Constitution while trying to keep other adult Americans from sinning (by using drugs).

Preventing Adults from Sinning by Legislating Morality - EMPLOYS CRIMINALS!
Those criminals do far worse damage to Society than legal drugs ever could have!

Read Drug Crazy, America's Longest War, and Constitutional Law for Police at Amazon.com