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The RepubliCrats

The Differences between the 2 Major Parties:

The Republicans:
They are Pro-Second Amendment but Anti-4th Amendment.
They talk smaller government but practice Big-Government.
They are Career Politicians who must be Loyal to their Party in order to keep their political careers.

The Democrats:
They are Anti-2nd Amendment but Pro-4th Amendment..
They talk Big-Government as if Socialism is the answer.
(It is far more likely that 50 Individual States will problem solve better than one Bureaucratic Big-Government!)
They are Career Politicians who must be Loyal to their Party in order to keep their political careers.

So basically, both parties are Anti-Constitution, Pro Big-Government (therefore Anti-States Rights), loyalists to their parties above the Constitution & therefore Felons!  They both also sell us out to the highest bidder since they are both bought & paid for by special interests!

Some believe that the Constitution should be violated in order to legislate morality so they elect officials who profess the same views.

Violating the Constitution is wrong & doing wrong things will bring you bad things in the end.  Example, you may not only be destroying your rights but the rights of you children by undermining the Constitution.  It is the Constitution that protects our rights to do things like worship freely for example.  So you are cutting off the hand that feeds you.