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Iraqis deciding between Liberty & Security!
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With the liberty to fail miserably comes the liberty to succeed beyond your wildest dreams!

Unfortunately, misery & danger lead people to choose Security over Liberty.  Once upon a time we fought the Communist Red threat in an attempt to stop Communism from spreading throughout the poor & miserable parts of the world.

Desperate people take desperate measures.  Today, it is the fight against communism all over again but this time it is religious fanatics attacking the US because of its trespassing on their sacred holy land which is forbidden their religion!  And this is a serious problem with over one million Muslims having to choose between their religion & the mightiest superpower ever!

Extremism is spreading throughout the poor parts of the globe & we are on an un-winnable global crusade to eradicate radical or extremist Muslims!  We can not fight terrorism with an Army because the tactics of the military going through houses & eventually shooting protesters will make more terrorists than it kills or captures!  This started our Revolution with British solders here and we as Americans should read our own history & not repeat the mistakes of the past!  Please read: http://www.cafeshops.com/cantfightterror

The people of Iraq are being made to decide between their Religion (as Muslims with their holy lands occupied in direct violation of their religion) and the US.  But they are more importantly being required to decide between Liberty & Security.

The Liberty of free choice & self government is yielding to the Security of Religious rule.  The lawlessness (looting, armed robberies, etc) are forcing the people to choose the security of their religious leaders because they are scared!  A religious government with religion as its law will bring them stern security & nearly guarantee life (security)!  Right now they have the freedom to die (liberty) but with their lives in danger they are choosing the false security of a religious prison - if you ask me.  But the human instinct is to live now & figure out how to get free later!

Desperate people do desperate things!  Our federal government rolled-in invincibly & shot-up the place just like a John Wayne Cowboy movie but failed to secure the peace.  It took more land (ground) than it could hold!   Shouldnt the military know better?  But military leaders are career politicians & make their decisions based on that which is good for their careers.  Saying no or we cant do that is seen as not being a team player in the political military!  Again my ex-military opinion!

And now the result of the invasion is that bodies piled up with no morgue, violent crime ran ramped with gunmen in the streets, & people were & are scared to death!  They fear for their lives & that is when you trade liberty for security.  Unless you are like Patrick Henry who said Give me liberty or death!  Unfortunately, most people arent like him.

Some people in Iraq are saying (on the news) that times before the US invasion were better with security & no lawlessness thanks to Sadam!   And to me this situation in Iraq is clearly a series of Effects & the Cause is an illegal invasion by an arrogant & stupid son of an X-president put in power by his fathers connections in government!  A true career politician who is loyal to the Party & the La Familia of white collar gangsters who knowingly & willingly violate the Constitution whenever their Party requires it!

And what ever happened to American credibility in the world?  Just look at Iraq, the poor people of the world see this picture:  The White Guys (American & British) asked for permission to attack a sovereign but poor nation & the permission from the nations of the world was denied to the mighty & arrogant, rich & powerful of the world seeking revenge & oil!  The rich & powerful willfully & knowingly disobeyed international law & attacked a poor nation with total disregard for the lives of the innocent poor caught in the middle!  And now American companies connected to those officials leading the war, like Halliburton for example, are making millions to clean up the mess! 

One Possible Solution: Vote 3rd party!  Specifically Libertarian if you ask me because they are a serious threat if people ever see through the big government lies of both Republicans & Democrats or Republicrats as some call them!  Big government Federalists or career politicians make their decisions based on that which is good for their careers & not that which is good for America!
Wed July 16, 2003