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We have weapons of mass destruction & we use them as deterrence.  So, how can we deny others the right to protect themselves using the same deterrence?  Maybe it is because in this day & age, weapons of mass destruction are sought by many as deterrence from US aggression & occupation.

Example: North Korea!
North Korea is much more of a threat to the US than Iraq ever was.  And why didnt Bush attack N. Korea?  They have nuclear deterrence!  They have the bomb & the ability to slaughter thousands of S. Koreans instantly as well.  Right now, S. Koreans see the US as the number one threat to world peace because of our new first strike policy & lack of diplomacy without using superior firepower.

Preventing others from defending themselves will not make us safer but less safe.  This will fuel terrorism as will US occupation.  Out of 190 countries around the world, we occupy or have a presence in over 120!  Thats why people say that we occupy over half the globe & bully others around.  We go every where but we never leave!  There is always a reason for government to grow & NOT shrink.  Budgets must get bigger each year, etc.

And this occupation & bullying of the world, disobeying international law & arrogant actions of this magnitude, make enemies.  Those enemies then seek weapons of mass destruction to detour the US war machine which they see as blowing up countries accused of crimes (denying them the right to a fair trial) & then rebuilding them with billion dollar contracts awarded to American corporations!

It is not blackmail as some have stated, when a sovereign nation says dont come & tress pass on my land or you may just get attacked!  That is simply deterrence.  And back to the question, What gives us the right to have these weapons on one hand & the authority to deny others the same right to self defense?

A Patriot is Loyal to the Constitution!  Not a Party or Career!