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How to seal our Borders (US) and Defend our Nation at no additional cost!


My fellow Americans, our Founding Fathers did not found this great nation to police the world and misuse our national defense to slay monsters abroad, occupying foreign lands and motivating terrorism.


Out of 190 countries, our federal government has a presence in over 120 countries (THATS OVER HALF THE WORLD!)  Several of our Founding Fathers warned us about slaying monsters abroad and making alliances with countries like Israel, with her eternal and un-winnable war.  http://federalismrevealed.tripod.com/freebook/id16.html


The cycle of violence has no end. http://federalismrevealed.tripod.com/freebook/id14.html


Our founding fathers did not forget to give us a National Defense but the failed to provide for the fears of the Anti-Federalists becoming reality.


There seem to be basically two types of Americans:


(1) Federalists who believe in a strong federal government that must police the world to keep the peace and the (2) Anti-Federalists who believe in States Rights, limited (constitutional) federal government, and that our Nations job is not to police the world and motivate terrorism abroad.


In the beginning of our Nation there were the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists as well.  The Anti-Federalists wouldnt agree to the Constitution (Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin) until the Bill of Rights was added to ensure the limitations of the federal governments powers in order to assure the protection of the rights of the People (States).



Some of the Anti-Federalists suspected the federalists of wanting to be KING!  Today the Federalists (Republicans and Democrats) are effectively the King of the World with the US as the sole superpower and the UN undermined!


The Problem: Our borders are open and one way to close them at no additional cost is to withdraw our National Defense from occupying 120 Nations around the world and us it to DEFEND OUR BORDERS!  Put the Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines and the entire NATIONAL defense on the borders to defend our Nation by Land, Sea and Air!


Our Nuclear Plants, Chemical Plants and Hospitals (radioactive waste) are all wide-open and vulnerable to attacks.  These attacks will likely make 911 pale in comparison!  And none of these facilities can be made airplane proof nor can we secure the cargo planes all over the planet!


However, if we address the motivations of those willing to penetrate our borders at all costs (including their own death), we may be able to stop the motivation, which results in the crime.  Does it not?  Dont the police look for the motive?


Those penetrating our borders are (1) terrorists (2) drug mules, (3) and illegal aliens.


(1)   Terrorists are most often motivated by our federal government involvements abroad often interfering in their governments private business, violating their religion by invading/occupying holy soil, as well as hundreds of other reasons to include siding with Israel and opposing the Palestinians. People dislike us because we have wealth but they hate us enough to kill themselves as martyrs because of our governments actions/policies abroad.  We cant fight terrorism with an Army because http://federalismrevealed.tripod.com/freebook/id20.html


(2)   Solution (1) A With-Drawl from foreign lands and a tight leash on our politicians will eliminate the motivation of most terrorists.  This will also keep the moderates from having to choose between their religion and the US.  The moderates would then be able to police their own but if their fanatics approach our soil and enter our waters, we will have every right and all the might to defend our borders!  Ill be the first to say let loose the dogs of war!  But only in self defense.


The federalists like to use Hitler as an example of why the US must police the world but Hitler was allowed to take over the world due to Europes failure to police their own.  Europe will not ever learn to police her own and solve her own problems as long as the US does for her what she should do for herself.  Necessity is the mother of invention.  Besides, we dont need any more dependents to support and defend!  Do we?


And as far as Japan (Pearl Harbor), it seems that our history books failed to mention how our federal government career politicians may have been interfering with that countrys oil (their economy) at that time.  The same way that they do now with nations abroad!


Wouldnt we see it as an act of war for someone to interfere with our oil?  Dont we go to war over oil because it is essential to our economy and much more?  I dont know that for a fact but many historical facts seem to have been selectively left out in my education as a youth.


When I call for a with-drawl, I am not calling for isolationism.  We should be aware of the goings-on in the world and it wouldnt hurt to help poor countries by sharing our wealth but career politicians are the last people to trust to do the right thing.  They make their decisions based on what is right for their careers - not what is right for the nation.


If we withdraw from half the world, when the enemy approaches our shores, we have a legal and moral right to self defense but hitting them first is not self defense!  It is pre-meditated murder if we kill them!  This is illegal, immoral and a crime.  Those who commit crimes are criminals and certainly not a nation of laws. 


(2) Drug Mules are those who traffic drugs into our country because of the lucrative drug profits resulting from a century of failed drug prohibition, which employs drug producers, traffickers, (Cartels), our local drug dealers and terrorists alike.  Oh, and lets not forget our youth who are lured into the drug trade due to the lucrative profits and the unregulated drug market that makes it easier for children to get drugs than alcohol.


Solution (2)  Put ALL DRUGS BACK IN THE DRUG STORES AND OUT OF THE HANDS OF CRIMINALS AND CHILDREN!  Legalize, regulate and control all drugs just as alcohol and tobacco or employ criminals and terrorists (through prohibition) who will do far more damage to our Nation than legal and regulated drugs ever could!


(3) Illegal Aliens are lured to the US by the promise of a better life - largely due to the fact that they KNOW large companies here in the US where they can get employment!    All they have to do is get across the border!


Solution (3) Legalize immigration and surround the border with our military.  Illegal aliens will not be able to get in once the drug tunnels close down (do to the end of prohibition) and the military securing (surrounding) our borders (Land,Sea,Air).  Those able to work here legally would then be allowed in (legally) and employed by the large corporations who employ them anyway (legal or not).


This is as easy as 1-2-3!  But the one thing standing in our way is the 2 party system of Big-Government Career Politicians.  Both parties are the same.  They are FEDERALISTS who want to be the KING of the world and police the world using our national defense to enforce their political demands!


Over the past century, both parties have only grown the federal government and destroyed States Rights and the entire Bill of Rights!  Now the People dont even have the right to order medications abroad to save their own lives because of Unconstitutional federal drug laws.  Whos body (property) is it?  Is your body your property or government property?


There is no lesser of 2 Evils!  They are the SAME Evil!  Furthermore, our soldiers are not police and occupying the globe makes us less safe here at home!


The only solution to this problem that I can see is to vote third party and send a message to Washington, Shape up or you are FIRED!  If they do not listen then a non-violent victimless REVOLUTION is needed in the form of the People voting in a 3RD Party effectively overthrowing the federalist government and returning to our Founding Principles and States Rights.


The Anti-Federalists are coming!  The Anti-Federalists are coming! Revolution is overdue!  Vote 3RD Party!



To do nothing (not make waves or stand idle by) is to trade our Liberty for Security and Thomas Jefferson warned us that any people who trade their liberty for security deserve NEITHER!