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Why Iraqis & others blame US for Saddam?
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Simply because our federal government (Rep&Dem) kept this evil man, Sadam, in power for decades in order to keep the region stable.  How did Sadam keep the region stable?  Systematic rape, torture & murder.  And the mass graves found earlier may have just been atrocities that took place during decades of US support!  It certainly took 2 to gas Sadams people.  It took one to give this murderer the gas & teach him how to use it & it took one to use it!

Who gave him the gas?  He who desired stability even at the risk of innocent Kurds & others.  Our federal government armed a murderer & Sadam, nor Ben Laden, suddenly became evil.  They were always evil & a friend of the US.  And this is why people in that area see us as evil.  To them, we are the great Satan & Sadam was our son!

But with our federal government supporting such men (dictators) & even rich royal families, it is no wonder why many think that we are evil & occupiers rather than liberators.

Iraqis rejoiced with the sons of Sadam dead but they remember who formerly befriended & supported this man & his sons keeping him in power & the Iraqi people in chains for decades!  Arming this mad man with weapons of mass destruction to be used against his neighbors Iran!  People over there remember this & when Bush says that he is protecting the world from Sadam & other evil men, they know that the real threat is Bush & the US war machine that is out of control!

The people over there also remember an entire restaurant of innocent people who were executed with a single US bomb in order to get Sadam.  Nor will they forget the thousands of innocent civilians killed during the invasion & occupation.  Nor will they forget the little boy with no arms or legs who when asked if he wanted to go the US for replacements, he said, Those are the people who killed my entire family & blew off my limbs!  Why would I want to go there?


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