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Why are our Patriots Dying?
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Why are our Brave Patriots dying on foreign sands, namely Iraq and Afghanistan?
I've heard several reasons for us attacking and occupying Iraq, putting our brave patriots in harms way, but none seem to pan out when I examine them so I am posing this question to my fellow Americans.  I'll be blunt because there is not time for tact and political correctness - because PEOPLE are DYING!  My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones but it is time to prevent many others from suffering the same loss.  Some of the reasons given for attacking Iraq have been:
1.  Iraq was an imminent threat to the US (using Weapons of Mass destruction)
This (intelligence) was proved false, no weapons of mass destruction were found, and internationally the invasion was illegal.  You can not attack your neighbor legally when you suspect him of plotting to attack you and illegal actions such as taking the law into ones own hands while abroad fuel terrorism because in the eyes of foreigners, these actions make us look like the criminal that our enemies accuse us of being.  Nations of laws settle disputes in courts of law.  The end result of attacking Iraq is another Viet-Nam and now we have attacked and presently occupy another Muslim land - motivating more terrorism against us.
The terrorists suicide bombers are so committed to their cause that they are willing to sacrafice them selves.  Just one terrorist with small pox could be a weapon of mass destruction in a large city" a man said on Fox or CNN just the other day.  He also said that there are over 5000 Alqaeda inside the US!  These people are willing to kill them selves because their religion is being violated and violating it more will not make us safer but less safe because it will motivate more terrorists each time we do it.
The federal war on terror is forcing every Muslim to choose between his/her religion on one had and and our government on The e other when we step foot on Muslim Holy lands.  We must respect the beliefs of others when traveling abroad or say at home! These policies are wrong and it fuel terrorism.
Moreover, if we are now in the business of slaying evil monsters abroad as we were warned not to do by our founding fathers
then were do we start?  North Korea? Syria? Iran? China? Libya? The list goes on and on!  And this comes to mind, "Judge not lest ye be judged!"  Playing God will result in bad things coming back to us because what we send out (our allow our government to send out) will come back to us.  If we Sew seeds of violence and destruction, we will reap the same.  http://cafeshops.com/cycleofviolence.7153827?zoom=yes#zoom
For those who say that Saddam was a bad man who mass murdered, raped and tortured in the 1980's as a justification for attacking Iraq, I would just like to point out to you that Saddam was our government's Ali in the middle east in the 1980's.  Our federal government propped him up with support so that he could keep control of Iraq (stability in the region).  Saddam kept control of volitile Iraq using these tactics (rape, torture and murder) so we American share the blame in the eyes of many in the Middle East!  Foot Note: If the weapons of mass destruction did exist in Iraq, they have likely been looted and sold on the black market to terrorists.  If so, the invasion made us less safe and fueled terrorism.
2. To prevent another 911 to make us more safe
September 11th was motivated by our federal government's actions abroad as it occupies and policies 1/2 the globe just as imperalists armies have tried and failed to do before as well as our one-sided support for the enemy of many in the world (Israel).  Our founding Fathers did not mean for our national defense to be misused to as an imperalist army to police and occupy the globe!  Occupying Muslim Holy Lands in direct violation of their bible (the Koran) motivates terrorism and so the cycle continues - we invade - they plan and attack about 5 years later.  911 wasn't the first attempt to blow up the trade towers and our government officials rubbed their failure in their faces - MOTIVATING them to try-try again!  They tried again and they got it right and now the federal government has all the power to do what ever it wishes. 
But there is no security in a giant federal prison!  Just look at Russia with her terrorism.  Taking away our rights will not make us safe.  But not motivating terrorism abroad with our presence will!  Also, to support Israel as we have is to take sides in an ancient conflict between Jews and Muslims.  Our federal government policy of support for Israel has put us Americans directly into a very old and unwinnable conflict over religion!
3. To Liberate the Iraqi People and bring Democracy to the Middle East
The recent suicide bombing  (on 10 or 11 Feb 2004) targeted a line of police recruits outside a police station.  After the blast, some survivors (police recruits) blamed the US for the bombing!  They blame our government for not providing security as required of the occupying army by international law and they also say that this may have been US planned in order to justify a prolonged occupation with elections nearing.  They realize that the majority rules in a Democracy and that a vote will likely result in an Islamic government!  So Democracy just doesn't work the way that the Bush Administration wants them to.  After all, the US invasion and occupation is a direct violation of their religion and an Islamic government would tell the US to take a hike!
So, Iraqis are still deciding between liberty and security http://federalismrevealed.tripod.com/freebook/id7.html and with no US security, they are likely to vote for the security provided by a strong Islamic government.  For example, they point to Afghanistan and say, "Opium production was nearly wiped out by the Taliban government in charge but with the US in charge, Afghanistan has become a large exporter of opium.  And now Afghanistan is ruled by criminals!  There is no security there! It is a Narco-State thanks to America!"  They then add, "See, the US is the devil - spreading drug addiction world wide!"  So, in the end, Democracy in Iraq will likely result in anything but the democracy that we invasion.  So much for nation building.  By they way, I don't know why we are spreading Democracy (majority rule) when we are a REPUBLIC (individual rights are protected from majority rule).
And one more thing, many in the middle east believe Ben Laden when he warned before Dessert Shield that once the US came, that it would never leave!  So, a prolonged US occupation of Iraq to bring stability would likely bring about the opposite as this will appear the case to many. 
- In Iraq recently (14 Feb 2004) Iraqis are still deciding between liberty and security and some have decided for the terrorists!
http://federalismrevealed.tripod.com/freebook/id7.html   The terrorists blocked off a road and even told the store keepers the day before the attack that they should not open shop the next day.  The shop keepers didn't tell the police and about 50 or so terrorists attacked a police station.  The terrorists went room to room, shooting, killing and beating the police officers.  No US troops were involved.
The solution to this mess is international peace keepers to take over the job and bring security.  We can not bomb and shoot our way to security as the military minds think that we can.  One US officer there said that going out on raids night after night, hitting them with over welming force until everyone believes that they are in control, is the way to bring peace to Iraq.  This is also what the King of England said about the small group of rebels in America a couple of hundred years ago when he sent his army to the colonies to round up his deck of cards called "Rebels".
We in America, have a 4th Amendment (no probable cause = no warrant = no search) because the homes of the colonists were occupied by the King's men.  The King's men kicked down the doors and searched any home that they suspected (no probable cause or warrant) of aiding the enemy.  A little American History Lesson: http://cafeshops.com/politicalitems.9864784?zoom=yes#zoom
One the news, I also watched footage of US troops threatening to bulldoze the house of an old couple if they didn't give up their grandson.  The grandson was suspected of attacking the US troops or supporting those who did.  After a few minutes of threats and a bulldozer pushing on the home, cracking the bricks of the elderly couple's home, the old couple reluctantly did give up their grandson but only after the possiblilty of becoming homeless in Iraq with no security.  They would have become victims in the night with no home for security and who do you think gets the blame for these actions?  We "the people" do. 
Treating the elderly like this looks like evil to those in the Middle East.  And does threatening old men and women with death by destroying their homes and leaving them to be taken advantage of by criminals that the US fails to defend against - going to make us safer?  No, it will certainly make many more terrorists with the footage played over and over in Muslim homes the world over!  We may have captured the suspect but we made many more with these tactics.  One Iraqi asked, "When the soldiers kick down our doors - do they expect to be loved?"  We can not fight terrorism with an Army because .. http://federalismrevealed.tripod.com/freebook/id20.html
4.  To Defend the Constitution
How can this be the case when the feds are destroying the Constitution with things like the Patriot Act and federal drug laws.  Less rights do no equal safety!  Remember, there's no security in a prison!  Have you ever seen a safe prison?  Even with all the security cameras and no rights?  Even cavity searches can not stop the crime!  And right now, if suspected of drugs or terrorism, your rectum may just get sore in an airport!  "Sore rectums won't make us safer either!"
When I served as a career soldier in the Army, we sang a cadence about dying on foreign sands but now that I am older and more educated, I feel that our Founding Fathers would be appalled that our brave men and women are dying on foreign lands for career politicians.  Career Politicians to our Founding Fathers would likely be like Royalty and Kings and for our patriots to be fighting and dying for royalty or the King of the United States - to them would be sickening and revolting!
Moreover, if our Founding Fathers could see that the Son of a Career Politician was put into power ILLEGALLY - in direct violation of the Supreme Law of the Land - they would likely call for a revolution to overthrow the government legally by voting in a 3rd party or individual! 
In case you dont know, the federal powers are limited (few and defined) and the government must obey the Constitution.  The government is a necessary evil (Thomas Jefferson) - necessary to keep us (our rights to life, liberty and property) safe from foreign invaders and others who would violate our rights.
So, government is an necessary EVIL and POWER CORRUPTS so the Constitution was founded to protect our rights by limiting the governments powers to interfear with our freedom.  The Constitution ties the hands of the government.  Please read the Lust for Power: http://federalismrevealed.tripod.com/freebook/id21.html
The Supreme Court interprets the Constitution and so Bushs Fathers (and former Presidents) stacked the Supreme Court Deck with political appointees loyal to him and his party above the Constitution.
These ringers then willingly and knowingly exercised powers not granted by the Constitution and committed a felony when they interfered in the presidnental election (a power granted to Congress - read Constitution).  They did this to seat the son of an expresident into power so that he could do the will of his father and the party.  And for those who knew but looked the other way and allowed the Constitution to be violated, they too are felons because they willingly and knowingly failed to uphold their oath of office to uphold the Constitution.
Support the troops by bringing them home.  This is an international problem and we are not the world's policeman (globo cop).  Europe and others will not learn to solve their problems unless they MUST!  Necessity is the mother of invention.  That neighborhood over there on the other side of the planet is not our neighborhood!  See: http://cafeshops.com/politicalitems.9694281?zoom=yes#zoom
A personal note to those in the military and those going in, when I was a soldier I believed that my government would only send me into harms way to defend America and that trusting in my training would keep me alive.  I also believed that we had such fire power that we were invulnerable to attack and unquestionably right.  But I learned in time that our government's career politicians are willing to send us into harms way for political reasons!  As pawns to achieve their prosperous career goals.  I also learned that no matter how much training and how good the equipment, for every measure there is a counter measure.  For every bullet proof vest there is an armor piercing bullet and for every aircraft there is an anti-aircraft (shoulder-fired) missile, etc.  So, do as you must but do so knowingly and not ignorantly.
Good luck and God Bless America!  And one day, just maybe, "We the People" will return the federal government to a Constitutional government with State's Rights.  A limited federal government would not make enemies abroad by misusing our National Defense as a political tool to police and occupy the globe - enforcing their political demands on others abroad and meddling in the business of their nations.  A limited federal government could not simply launch the States into unwinnable and never ending wars like the federal war on drugs and terror.  These federal government solutions actually fuel the problems and make more problems than they prevent.  http://federalismrevealed.tripod.com/freebook/id10.html
A limited federal government would not be fueled by taxing the people directly like and King!  Money is power and getting rid of federal taxes (the IRS) is necessary to prevent such power in Washington over the States.  Did you know that for the first half of our Nation's existance there was no federal income tax? http://harrybrowne.org/articles/IncomeTaxDay.htm
The result of federal taxation: The government gets bigger, our liberties shrink, noting gets solved or works correctly because rather than 50 individual states solving their individual problems and taking care of their own houses, we have one big federal government in which one hand does not know what the other is doing.  And then the nuclear family falls apart because it takes a village to raise a child when 1/2 of the family income goes to fund Big Government with taxes.
Not because of gay marriage but because it takes both parents to work in order to support big government.  Big Government leeches (career politicians) sucking the blood of America - prospering while spending wildly and living it up - trading our liberties for their prosperity.  Giving themselves raises while the common man hunts for a job in a depression!  And then going home to safety in the middle of an Anthrax attack but ordering the peasant mail workers to stay at work.  "The mail must go on but we aristocrats are going home!"  This is the arrogance that our Founding Fathers removed from this soil.
The more I study our Nation's history - the more I see that we have come full circle to exactly what our Founding Fathers terrorized all the way out of this country (a King with 2 corrupt political parties "Wigs" and "Tories") and established this great nation with a government to protect us from enemies violating our rights and a Constitution to protect us from the government by tying the hands of the necessary evil called government.  The Wigs and the Tories are now one party called Federalists.  Small Government Federalists (Republicans) who say that they want smaller government while they grow it and big government federalists (Democrats) who want a socialistic America.
Solution: Vote 3rd Party and send a message to Washington!
Both major parties support our National Defense being misused to fight and enforce their political goals (occupying the globe) and both parties sell us out to the highest bidder.  Both have only grown government and shrank our liberties.   Please see "Reduce Government" http://cafeshops.com/politicalitems.9638908?zoom=yes#zoom 
Both parties are broken beyond repair and both parties must go.  Afghanistan may be a swamp but Washington is our sewer and it is time for us to flush it and start over!  Time to clean house.
Thank you.
Let's take back our government! Vote 3rd Party!
Travis Patriot