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Can not fight Terrorism with an Army!
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Because when you send an Army into a village to get one terrorist, by the time they come back out (after violently invading homes, destroying private property & killing innocent people by accident or otherwise) you will find that you have many more terrorists than you managed to capture or kill!

By going after one terrorist in an unjust & illegal manner that violates the rights of others you will make several more if not hundreds!  Maybe even Hundreds of Ben Ladens!

Note: Our founding fathers were revolutionaries & the King of England sent his soldiers to round up these few troublesome revolutionaries in order to squash the rebellion.  But after invading homes & private property, the King found out that the moderates (those who were in the middle & didnt want to fight) had turned & joined the revolutionaries!

The Colonists then terrorized the Kings men all the way out of America by using unconventional tactics that could have only seemed like terrorism to the Kings men!  Unconventional tactics were the only way for the revolutionary farmers to stand up to & defeat the mightiest military in the world (at that time).

By using armies to fight terror we may make the moderate Muslims overtly side with the mighty US only to covertly side with & truly support their religion!  This could drive the moderates to side with the extremists!  But this is just what the Republican Right-Wing Religious Extremists in Washington want as all extremists do.  They want to bring about Armageddon!  This is them forcing their un-provable religious beliefs on all of us and we may all have to live in a living fiery hell on earth if they get their way & are wrong!

The enemy is growing in Iraq & Afghanistan.  Bush did Ben Laden & Sadam Hussein a favor when he talked the talk but couldn't deliver.  "Dead or Alive!" He said but those jack rabbits are no where to be found!

And now we look bad and we are less safe today than before.  The people of Iraq & Afghanistan have their freedom but free people living in a hell on earth caused by our invasions only fules anti-American hatred & terrorism.

The Iraqis for example, know that we didn't come to liberate them!  They can see this clearly as indicated by the lack of law & order & wide spread looting happening while the ministry of oil was kept safe & secure!