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Censor Children Not Adults2!

Censoring Adults to protect Children is wrong!  Censoring the Internet in order to protect your children hurts me!  It violates my rights to censor me in order protect your children.  Computers are not baby sitters or parents & the internet is an ADULT Environment - the same as going out into Society!

"You wouldn't let your child go out & play in Society, would you?  And you surely wouldn't drop your child off at a public park or down town in the city, would you?"

So, please do your parental job rather than violating the rights of all Americans!

You can put your hand over your childs ears & mouth but not mine!  Censoring Adults to protect children is wrong because it is unconstitutional & it is bad for Society.  Only fully informed adults can make informed decisions & ignorance is dangerous in many ways.

For example, some were surprised when terrorists crashed planes into the trade towers!  I wasnt because there has been an evolution & escalation of terrorism since our CIA put the Shaw into power in Iran decades ago!  Before that We Americans were well liked! The first jihad or holy way (as far as I can tell) was issued against America & American Citizens anywhere & everywhere by the Iotola Homani in Iran!

-There have also been numerous reports of terrorists wanting to hijack planes & use them as weapons.
-There were the bombings at US Embassies & Marine Barracks as well as the first trade tower bombing!
-There were numerous jihads (holy wars) declared against America!

I have been keeping up with the news daily & this was evident to me.  But I dont just rely on the usual corporate owned & censored news organizations but many different sources of media.

I watch cable cannels from the Discovery channel to the History Channel & I listen to all sides of the arguments by listening to Fox, CNN, C-Span & Book TV and others as well as World Net Daily on the internet.

I consider all sources & understand that they are all spinning the news in one way or another because they all have their agendas.  Im not a Christian for example, but I watch the Christian channel news to see what they think so that I understand all sides.  The only way that I can decide the truth is to listen to all sides & consider all of the evidence.

So, 911 wasnt a surprise to me nor was it a surprise that the federal government let the airlines spend only about 1% on security in light of the known terrorist history, plans, & threats!  The head of security at the towers was a former federal official who had been stone walled by Washington while investigating terrorism in the Middle East according to a program that I watched on PBS.

It was however a surprise to me that the Commander of a Ship sailed right up into a known terrorist port!  Then I was surprised to find that the Commander did this with less than 100% Security as if asking for the terrorists to take a free shot!  A small rubber dingy sailed right up to them & took a free shot!  Not only should the Ship not have sailed up into a know terrorist port, alone, at less than 100% security but it must have failed or disobeyed some type of safety or military regulations because this is unnecessarily putting our brave men & women in the Navy in harms way!

The question should be Did the order to sail up into a known terrorist port come from Washington? and if so, Did it say to use less than 100% Security?  In my opinion, this is one more example of the aristocrats or Nobles in Washington (career politician federalists) using our service personnel as expendable pawns to deceive the American People into supporting them in order to achieve their political goals or personal desires!  (Like attacking Iraq to get revenge for your family after Saddam tried to assassinate you father!)

Im not saying that the federal government knew that an attack was imminent on the trade center towers but it wouldnt be the first time in history that a leader allowed something to happen in order to motivate his people to get behind him so that he can do his will!  The federal government was certainly guilty of negligence just for letting the airline industry buy them off & spend 1% on security!

My suggestion to my fellow American People is Dont be a funny monkey or a lemming decide for yourself based on logic, reasoning, & common sense.  Just the facts not the emotions provoked by deceptive & manipulative men who desire to deceive the people into supporting them as they do their will.

And that brings me to the main point of Censoring Adults being bad for Society.  Censoring adults helps to keep people from talking about politically incorrect issues & helps the status quo to censor us all from the necessary information to decide for ourselves what the truth really is!  This keeps us all in the dark as if we have our heads in a hole until we wake up one day to find planes crashing into our buildings in immense surprise & horror felt across our great nation!

When there is Open Debate The truth can come out!
Censorship is bad for America! Adults should not censor the free speech of other adults not even to protect their children from free speech!  Censoring adults is far worse for your children in the future as you continue to burn the Constitution & keep the truth from flowing freely, thus preventing the informing of Americans & resulting in an ignorant & un-free nation for your children to live in!  Less freedom does not protect children!

Censorship fuels & empowers that which the censors try to stop!
For example, Two-Live Crew, Marilyn Manson, & Eminem are all fueled by the very censors who try to shut them up!  Remember 2LiveCrew?  They were made famous by the do-gooders who tried to embarrass them out of business but instead gave publicity to a group that had little publicity & this publicity enabled 2livecrew to reach the people who would like & buy their albums!  And those people did buy their albums!  The rest is history!  The obvious answer is not always the correct one and fore every action there can be unintended consequences of that action!

Every time the censors, mostly do-gooders on a religious crusade in my opinion, try to deny the 1st Amendment Right to Marilyn Manson or Eminem these artists then get inspired & come out with another major album that sells millions!  Cant people see that censoring other adults is wrong Constitutionally & results in far worse?  Its counter productive & self defeating!

Besides, who made these people God anyway?  Doesnt the Bible say Judge not lets YE BE JUDGED?  What makes them think that THEY can decide for all of us what we will say or even listen to?  Well, censoring others is judging them! Censor not lets YE be Censored!

To censor others is to play God.  One day what you send out may just come back to you!   Do wrong, thinking that the end justifies the means, is still wrong doing & will yield negative results in the end! 

The Governments job is to Preserve Life, Liberty, Property & the Pursuit of Happiness! Not to control the actions of its citizens.  No, that would be Communism!  So when you go to the government to try to censor something that you dont like You are doing wrong & what you are doing, misguided or not, is not in the best interest of Society or the children.  Again, Freedom is in the best interest of the children! 

Only the fully informed can make informed decisions!  T-shirt available at the link below.
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Political Correctness is CENSORSHIP!  It is un-American for one American to tell another to be quiet because they are saying something that is not acceptable or politically correct to society.  The Majority does not rule in this Republic Individual Rights like freedom of expression DO rule in this country.  The Constitution IS the Supreme Law of this land!