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On CNN today (11Aug2003), I saw a report saying that experts have reported that the federal agencies responsible for homeland security are still not communicating even after 911!  The experts said that two of the reasons for this are Lack of Leadership & Turf Wars.

Why is homeland security NOT fixed?  Why doesnt it work?  How can we fix it?  People are asking.  Well, in order to solve a problem, we have to first understand the problem & what causes it.

After serving in the federal government & being part of the system, I believe that the reason for the sited lack of leadership is due to politics.  The good old boy system runs these agencies & in order to remain a member of any of the federal agencies, one must be loyal to the agency above all else including the Constitution & the People!  To do other wise will get you labeled as not a team player & a potential whistle blower!  - A threat to those in charge. A Liability & not an assets!

There is no leadership in a good old boy system because to lead is the wrong career choice. Only the hierarchy lead (making decisions) & all others just follow - if they know what is good for their careers.  In this system, to lead is to hot-dog & to question ones superiors.  A good servant doesnt question the king!  Remember the FBI field agent Whistle Blower who was kicked out for embarrassing the agency & going against Head Quarters?  She was loyal to the Constitution & not the agency.

As for the Turf Wars between the agencies, the agency members are loyal to their agencies, not to the Constitution or the People (the nation).  Agencies compete & fight one another at the cost of national security just as the career politicians in both major parties violate the Constitution & break the law in order to win the elections at all cost!  Remember Nixon?

I also suspect incompetence is to blame for the 911 security failure.  Because in the good old boy system, those who brown nose the best are promoted (based on favoritism) while those who do the best job are put out of the agency or click because they are either not good enough at brown nosing or they are potential whistle blowers liabilities to the good old boy system!  This results in the incompetent being promoted to positions of power & responsibility!

So the problem is career politicians in government who are loyal to their clicks, parties, agencies, etc. over all else including the Constitution & the People!  The problem is systematic corruption in which those in power make their decisions based on what is good for their careers & not what is good for the Nation & the People!  Making decisions based on politics rather than based on what is right for the nation (the People) is what happens when good old boy career politicians (elected officials, bureaucrats & career military officers) are in charge & making decisions.

And, why do we need a department of homeland security?  Didnt the Founding Fathers think of a way to defend our great nation?  Yes they did!  They called it a National Defense!  But unfortunately, once again the problem is that career politicians make decisions based on what is good for their careers & they have decided that the National Defense is actually best misused as an Offense to police & bully the world into submitting to their demands!

For example, miss-using our military in the Middle-East  for stability in order to keep the cheap Middle-Eastern oil flowing so that the economy (and their careers) are not adversely affected.  Achieve your political goals at all costs including misusing the military to enforce your political agenda, seems to be their plan.
Unfortunately, misusing the National Defense as an offense to police & bully the world leaves the Homeland vulnerable to attack!  And what happens when career politicians make a mistake or are negligent?  They do not admit that they are wrong for fear of ending their careers & to get the spot light off them, they distract the American People from the truth with a dog & pony (I mean Elephant & Donkey show) & blame one another.

As a solution to the problem (which is them), they then grow government by inventing new agencies & throwing more of our tax money at the problem.  They can not possibly hope to solve such problems because they will not admit wrong doing or mistakes & are therefore destined to repeat those same mistakes.  They, the career good old boys, are the problem & a third party or individual is the only solution as far as I can see.

Election time will be here before you know it so let me just say, A vote for either major party is a vote against the US Constitution!  And a Patriot is Loyal to the Constitution!  Not a Party or Career!  There is no security with these 2 parties sharing power as witnessed by 911.  It is time for change my fellow Americans! http://www.cafeshops.com/republidemocrat

In the civilian world, it will probably not damage or endanger the United States for leaders to make their decisions based on politics. But in government positions of power & great responsibility like national security, this is a threat to the Nation & could result in another 911.

Unfortunately, the evolution of terror tells me that terrorists are likely to blow up a nuclear power plant or use some kind of weapons of mass destruction on US soil next & incompetent people can not protect us.  70% of Crimes are successful so we must look to the motives of the criminals in order to stop them from being motivated to commit crimes.  For example, the war on drugs (prohibition) motivates drug dealers to commit drug distribution because of the lucrative profits resulting form prohibition.  The federal war on terror (a cycle of violence) also is self defeating because it motivates terrorists to attack the US!  http://www.cafeshops.com/CycleOfViolence

The check & balance in the civilian world to prevent such things is the consequence of going out of business due to incompetence.  But in career government, if you dont admit wrong, you can deny, shift blame, & move up as long as you stay one of the boys & your party stays in power.  Look how the 2 parties have shared power over the last CENTURY, growing government on both sides & keeping all others out!

The Founding Fathers meant for ordinary citizens (with no experience) to serve their tour in government AND GET OUT before being corrupted or politically connected!  One only reason that one needs connections & experience in Washington in order to get things done is because things run on the corrupt career politician or federalist good old boy system!  An honest man simply can not work there!

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